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Background of Event

The  My Bright Idea Challenge launched in Spring 2012 as a new, innovative way to solicit ideas on how the District could save money,

My Bright Idea

eliminate waste, increase efficiency, promote good health and improve student and employee morale

The District asked students, employees and parents to submit ideas for a chance at winning $3,000* towards the purchase of materials, supplies and equipment for the school(s) of their choice.  More than 1,300 ideas were submitted during the challenge and over 10,000 people voted for their favorite student, parent and employee ideas

The winning student idea came from Jordyn Sacino, a middle school student at Palms Gifted Magnet.  Her winning idea: District-wide Art Show

“Why don't we use art to save art? We can have an art show! With not just visual arts, but performing and music! People can come enjoy the show, and see the talent of LAUSD students.  This will encourage donations such as money and supplies.”

“The arts are a powerful catalyst for learning and achieving; when students engage in creative problem-solving and artistic expression they develop their own voice and sense of agency. 

Students need access to multiple pathways that engage 21st century habits and skills; with one out of every six jobs in the Los Angeles region linked to the creative economy, one of these pathways needs to be in the arts.

This isn’t just a pathway—it is their right.”